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Vegan Eats in the Lower Hudson Valley

The Hudson Valley is a food lover’s dream, and that goes for vegan foodies as well. Fine eateries and establishments in the lower Hudson Valley have taken their vegan fare to new heights, with Impossible Burgers and cashew cheeses popping up on unexpected menus, and local pizza places advertising “Now Offering Vegan!”. One of the biggest factors in the current exuberant growth of places like Beacon and New Paltz is their embrace of the changing current climate, and because of that, we’re seeing an onslaught of seitan. People are moving toward more plant-based diets, and at the same time, are moving to the Hudson Valley, and we can’t complain. Right here in Beacon we welcomed the first (of hopefully multiple) completely vegan cafes, and the trend is growing.
We compiled a short list of some hot spots for delicious vegan food from Beacon up to Poughkeepsie, and just across the bridge around New Paltz.

Vegetalien, Beacon
504 Main St. Beacon

Under new ownership and thriving, Vegetalien is the perfect go-to for lunch. With delicious, fresh local ingredients, their menu is simple and to the point. You’ll wonder for a moment… shouldn’t there be more items? But no. There really doesn’t need to be. Each item is crafted with care and consideration and you can taste the quality. Highly recommend the BLT+Avocado, and the smoothie with the peanut butter and the carrots… just trust me on that one 🙂


Bliss Kitchen & Wellness Center
94 S. Robinson Ave. Newburgh

Everyday, Bliss Kitchen rolls out a huge lunch buffet that is Gluten Free & Vegan. Generous portions of top quality Indian food, all you can eat for about $10. Bliss is also a home for yoga and other wellness classes.


Mother Earth Storehouse
1955 South Rd. Poughkeepsie

Mother Earth is THE place to order a custom vegan cake, first of all. Apart from that, it’s the only “deli counter” I’ve ever been to where I can order a vegan blt, with vegan mac and cheese on the side… and a vegan cupcake to finish it off. Apart from being a Great natural grocery store, the experience of ordering any sandwich you want from a traditional deli menu, but made vegan, is really a treat. Try the tempeh reuben!

Lagusta Commissary
1514 11 Church St. New Paltz

Lagusta Commissary is other-worldly in its overall aesthetic and communal appeal. Filled to the brim with shared tables, zines and art, Lagusta Commissary offers not only fine coffee bar drinks, but a full menu of yummy vegan eats, like their well-known cashew-based herbed mac n’ cheese, and their untouchable ramen (Ramen is sold only on Tuesday evenings, and typically sells out in the first hour!). You should see their nuclear egg ! Visit Lagusta for the food, the chocolate, the refrigerator stocked with hard to find items, and stay for the friendly environment. While you’re there, add a note on the Mitzvah wall… you won’t want to miss it.


Crazy Bowlz
232 Main St. New Paltz

Crazy Bowlz is a new addition to New Paltz, and while it isn’t entirely vegan, the friendliness of its staff along with their willingness to help one navigate the extensive menu as a plant-based eater make it a Must Go for anyone who’s down with the tofu. As a vegan, you can help yourself to the majority of the menu, including hot and cold soups, salad and rice bowls, and Japanese Buns. I repeat: Japanese Buns. You will write home about these. Get the tofu ones, and try not to inhale them… and while you’re at it, get two orders- you’ll want them.

tofu bao buns

Rosendale Cafe
434 Main St. Rosendale

A really happy find for me while I was visiting the Rosendale Street Fair last summer was that the main restaurant in town, the Rosendale Cafe, is entirely vegetarian with Many vegan offerings and modifications. There’s nothing that’s not 100% delicious on this Big menu, but try to save room– because there’s about 10 huge cakes in the back that just so happen to have your name on them. In the summer, Definitely make it a point to visit the Cafe in the evening or night time and sit out on their patio, that is set among their own vegetable garden. It is just stunning, with a handmade driftwood trellace fence around. It’s good. You won’t regret a trip to this crazy adorable town.

rosendale cafe right on main st

While we’re here, it’s worth noting a few other places right in Beacon where you can get some Good Vegan Eats… Grab an Impossible Burger at Melzingah Taphouse, Try the falafel & hummus at Ziatun, and scarf down the portobello tacos at Tito Santana’s. We hear Pizza & Stuff II in Fishkill is now offering vegan pizza, as well as Pizza Mia in New Windsor (which goes so far as to include a vegan cheesesteak, and buffalo cauliflower wings).
There are two awesome vegetarian/vegan food festivals that happen around the end of summer time. Luckily for us in Beacon, there’s one just across the bridge in Newburgh, and later in the season, one in Kingston (formerly in PK). We will be writing a new blog about both of those as they get closer, so stay tuned ! And stay full. 🙂