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Theresa Dryfoos

My husband and I just sold a house that we owned in Beacon. We owned it for 7 years but were entirely unfamiliar with the house since we only rented it out. In fact, we live several hours away from Beacon. Kundi was a lifesaver once we decided to sell. She was able to represent the house to potential buyers in a way that we would not have been able to – she quickly dug in and learned about the heating, air conditioning, plumbing, furnace, etc. She had answers to questions that we simply didn’t have. Kundi also met various contractors at the house in the early morning or late evening and kept an eye on the house given we were so far away. She had excellent instincts on what type of buyer would love the house and how to market to that buyer.

I have found that it is extremely helpful to have a realtor who knows their way around Beacon, lives in the area, has kids in the schools, know a lot of people and has a treasure trove of contacts. I will also mention that she is exceedingly easy to work with and is very responsive. She has a calm demeanor but means business.