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Ronna L.

We used Gate House Realty when we moved from Manhattan to Beacon.

The Gate House Realty team was incredibly patient with us. They were also well organized and kept notes on things so that they could remember when I forgot. Finding the right place turned out to be a longish process for us, and Gate House stayed with us every step of the way.

My husband and I found them to be totally competent and by the book. They were always professional, good-natured and above board.

Since then, I have started to look at commercial properties and have gone back to Gate House. Because they know Beacon so well, they have helped me avoid what could be expensive mistakes.

Gate House’s reputation, and that of its owner, is impeccable. Now that I am moving toward being a real Beaconite, I know that Gate House is respected in a way that other local realtors are not.