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Jamie Pabst

Gate House Realty has an amazing staff and work ethic. I was curious about the Beacon area, and so we decided to call Gate House out of the blue to see if we could see a few properties in the area. We met with Kundi Glasson who was absolutely amazing, showing us the best spots Beacon had to offer. So amazing that we quickly moved on the first spot we saw and now call it a wonderful home for both family and friends. Kundi was efficient, knowledgeable, and super helpful not only in showing us the best real estate options, but also giving us history on the area and connecting us with the broader Beacon community which has quickly become our amazing extended family. I can’t thank Kundi (and Charlotte, who I now know well also) for their exceptional service and dedication to us. Life is so much brighter in our new Beacon home! I highly recommend Gate House to anyone looking for any type of real estate in Beacon and the surrounding areas. They’re amazing!