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Best Dog-Friendly Places to Visit in Beacon, New York

It is no secret that the Hudson Valley is a wonderland of a place to be a dog, and Beacon has become a particularly sweet spot for dogs and their humans, especially on a day trip up from the city. Visitors are even encouraged to take their well-behaved dog along for a ride on the Metro-North, a little known but very useful fact.

Image of a dog swimming in the Hudson River near Beacon, New York.

A dog-friendly swimming spot along the Hudson River in Beacon, New York.

Some of our favorite places to take our dogs are not only fun for them but are a great excuse to take in incredible views and tremendous hikes. Here is a highlight of some of our favorite dog-friendly nature escapes, and some spots on Main Street that are particularly welcoming of dogs:


Madam Brett Park & Waterfall

Located on Tioronda Ave, you have your choice of an easy, flat surfaced walking trail through marshlands, historic dilapidated factory buildings, and beautiful trees, or, a challenging traversal of Brett’s handsome waterfall and the antiquated physical structures that adorn it. There’s something for everyone and every dog.


Mt. Beacon

Image of a dog and human sitting on a ledge on Mount Beacon overlooking Beacon, New York and the Hudson River.

View of the Newburgh-Beacon bridge from the Mount Beacon hiking trail.

Mt. Beacon is just the right level of difficulty and length to check off your list before you head into town for dinner. With wide switchback trails and a big, expansive vantage point at its summit, Mt. Beacon is just the place for both you and your dog to feel pretty good about yourselves and share a water while you take in the outstanding full view of the Hudson and its bridges.

Image of a dog climbing Mount Beacon in Beacon, New York

You’ll find some unique graffiti on the ruins and rocks at the top of the mountain.

Denning’s Point

Denning’s Point, tucked just South of the Metro-North and the Dia, is a lush peninsula that touts a new handicap accessible trail, as well as a vast stretch of Hudson River beach-like coastland. Dennings Point also serves as a protected bald eagle habitat in the winter months… Get there before it closes for the season!

Long Dock Park

Image of two dogs at Long Dock Park in Beacon, New York

The docks are perfect for sunbathing on a hot day.

Long Dock Park is the quintessential example of the growth happening in Beacon, and a celebration of the convergence of structural integrity and natural beauty- two things that Beacon has developed a reputation for. There is just so much there to enjoy… from the Fjord Trail (that stretches all the way to Denning’s Point!) to the tiny beaches adorned with lush trees, to the green spaces, to the dock, to the rentable kayaks, Long Dock is one of our absolute favorite places in the whole city.

Image of a dog and woman at a beach on the Hudson River in Beacon, New York.

Playing on the beach of the Hudson River.

As far as dogs are concerned, not only are there secluded spots to swim, but Mt. Top Outfitters has said that whether you rent a kayak or a paddleboard, your furry best friend is welcome to go along for the ride!


Lambs Hill

With its Trailhead on the edge of town, and tucked atop quiet Sunnyside Road, the Lambs Hill hike is desirable because it is a bit quieter than the very popular Mt. Beacon trailway. With lots of rocks and streams to explore and a manageably challenging bit of hiking and climbing, Lambs Hill is a no-frills, all-fun, good time hike for man & beast. Bring extra water!


Rite Aid

Once back on Main Street, if you are leashed up and need to use the bathroom, grab a quick drink or snack, or even a bandaid – Rite Aid will welcome you and your best friend in, no need to tie anyone outside. This is an essential tip for dog lovers in town, and can be a game changer in a jam!


Baja 328

Image of three margaritas from Baja 328 in Beacon, New York.

A watermelon-mint margarita is the perfect refresher.

With convenient outdoor seating right on Main Street, your dog is welcome to sit right underneath your table while you enjoy food and drink. They even have a water bowl for your pal! They are kind and won’t roll their eyes at you for asking to keep your friend next to you. Our kind of place.


2Way Brewing Company

On your walk back to the train, pop over to 2Way Brewery. It’s got a large amount of outdoor seating, an unobstructed view of the sunset, and welcomes your dog to sit with you while you kill time before your train playing one of the many board games they offer, and drinking one of their absolutely unmatched, delicious beers- made right on the premises. Don’t forget to order popcorn! It’s free, and your dog likes it, too 🙂

Image of dogs playing on a Hudson River beach in Beacon, New York.

Have you been thinking about adopting a dog? Check out Animal Rescue Foundation right here in town, located less than a mile from Main Street. Beacon’s backyards look even better with a furry friend to enjoy them.