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Chicken-Keeping in Beacon

One of the main reasons folks move to Beacon is for the natural space it affords. From sprawling backyards to parks, to the mountain and riverside trails, the green spaces of this wonderful place are really what continue to make it so special. When you make the move to Beacon, especially if you’re coming in from a bigger city and are lucky enough to have a backyard of your own, you may just fall into the same happy rabbit hole that so many Beaconites have dived into head first: that of Chicken Keeping. It’s true, Beacon is abundant with happy hens, comfortably clucking their days away in carefully constructed coops. But, why chickens?

Poster image of a chicken and eggs in front of a coop.

A poster by The Victory Garden of Tomorrow.

Turns out there are many great reasons to add chickens to your backyard landscape, and Beacon makes it entirely easy to make this a reality for both homeowners and renters (with permission from their landlord!). The most obvious reason is… Fresh Eggs! But apart from this natural, edible gift, is the experience itself of producing your own food for your family. Folks in Beacon relish in the opportunity to house chickens in their yards (in addition to growing beautiful vegetable gardens), especially for the chance it affords their children to learn about where food comes from. In addition, chickens eat unwanted bugs (like ticks!), are an extremely low maintenance animal, produce excellent fertilizer, and are affectionate!

Image of a WW-II era poster promoting raising hens.

WWII-era poster promoting raising hens.

Applying to Keep Chickens in Beacon, New York

There are really only a few rules in place for keeping chickens… mainly that their coop be at least 15’ from your dwelling, and not exceed 10% of your total yard square footage. Once your coop is structurally sound, you’re off to the races!

Find out more at the City of Beacon website:

And follow this link for the Chicken Permit Application:

Image of the first page of a City of Beacon, New York Application for Keeping Chickens. Image of the second page of a City of Beacon, New York Application for Keeping Chickens.

And remember, while hens are allowed under the city ordinance, roosters are not (thank goodness), so when ordering your chicks, be mindful that this regulation exists.

Wait, ordering chicks? Yes, ordering!

Visit the Beacon Hen Keepers Association website at to learn more about ordering chicks in the mail, obtaining a permit, and safe and lawful chicken keeping in Beacon.

Check out Gate House Realty’s listings in Beacon, New York for homes with backyards. You’re sure to find a home perfect for you and your hens!