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Art Adventures near Beacon

If you’re anything like most of the folks who flock to Beacon for the weekend, you’re here just as much for the art as for the hiking, and one thing that the lower Hudson Valley is not lacking in is both manmade and natural beauty. We took ...

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Rail Trails and the Old Beacon Line

Stretching from the shores of the Hudson in Beacon, New York 28 miles to Danbury, Connecticut are the overgrown and often forgotten tracks of the old Beacon Line. Were it running today, it would surely hugely impact the commutes of so many who ...

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Vegan Eats in the Lower Hudson Valley

The Hudson Valley is a food lover’s dream, and that goes for vegan foodies as well. Fine eateries and establishments in the lower Hudson Valley have taken their vegan fare to new heights, with Impossible Burgers and cashew cheeses popping up ...

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What the Hay! Farm Animal Friends near Beacon

Surely one of the best parts of living in the Hudson Valley is sharing life with the animals here. If you or your kids are animal lovers, the Valley is chock full of farms and sanctuaries where you can spend the day with animals of all kinds. W...

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Blaire Wilson, America’s Hudson Valley Girl

Over the last few years, the Hudson Valley has seen its version of the California Gold Rush, with folks careening up the Hudson River via train and car to sift for sunsets and backyards. Populations in once-shuttered towns such as Beac...

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Where to Find (and perform!) Live Music in Beacon

Beacon has long been a haven for artists and musicians alike, and because of this, there is no shortage of outstanding talent. This week, we’re featuring the best venues in town to both catch a show, and perform one. If you’re out lookin...

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