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Amy Finkel

Kundi is amazing!! She went above and beyond while working with us; we couldn’t have asked for more in a real estate agent. Not only was she kind, smart, helpful, and attentive, she also had amazing instincts—we put our trust in her entirely and felt secure doing so. If she told us to bid higher, bid higher we did. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and knows the process and inventory thoroughly. She was also completely open to contacting agents about properties even if they weren’t her own or if they’d gone off the market. In fact, the house we ended up buying was off the market when we bought it. Kundi, several months pregnant, knocked on the door of the couple who’d once planned on selling the house (but who’d taken it off the market). She’s fearless in that respect, but kind and trustworthy which is needed in a situation like that. We can’t say enough wonderful things about her and about Gatehouse. Thank you, Kundi!!