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Covid-19 (We are all here for you!)

Stuck, confused, scared, frustrated and worried? You’re not alone. As many of you can relate, these are all some of the emotions millions of people are dealing with on a daily basis especially with the shutdown that has been happening around the world.

First off, before I continue, I would like to briefly introduce myself to you while I’m typing this as I walk on my treadmill.

My name is Justin, your not so average millennial who lives for pushing himself in the gym and fitness, goes to bed at 8pm on the weekends and finds ways to cut his expenses to invest in real estate…and just like the cliché infomercial, ”But wait, there’s more!” I’m also the Director of Operations for Gate House Realty along with Charlotte Guernsey’s personal assistant.

Sounds a bit overwhelming and stressful? Not the slightest! Although many people around the globe are feeling those emotions right now, I encourage you to use this time to be grateful and connect with the person in the mirror, you.

For myself, a very structured and disciplined person, things are starting to feel very weird and out of place, and I know there’s many people out there that feel the same. You’re becoming frustrated by the turn of events that are out of your control while feeling hopeless due to things falling apart. Maybe it’s the gym being closed when you were about to be compete for a race and you’re feeling frustrated. I’m with you! Maybe you’re stranded while working from home and you’re becoming lonely or impatient. I’m with you! Or maybe you were laid off and are feeling down in the dumps due to the lack of uncertainty within your industry for the future. There are MILLIONS of people that are with you! Just know that it’s okay to be surfing these negative emotions and that the storm will end soon.

On the other side of the negative wave you’ll still find many positive things still happening all over the world. People are still working, they have a wonderful family, they have their health, people are still falling in love and are giving birth to their first, second, or third child…maybe even fifth child!

If you are someone in the real estate industry, despite the chaos and downturn of the economy, people still have and will need to have a home over their head. Our agents are still seeing people that need to move, are closing on their first home and are staying active within the market. Little movements within industries continue to give people hope, and for a very dark time, I think we all can agree that hope is something we all need.

Also, know that the one thing you can control during this time are your actions, and actions are the product of thoughts, so we all need to stay positive and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Turn these negative times around with deep reflection on who you truly are and how you’re going to overcome these times. Part of knowing who you are at the end of the day is knowing who you’re not and for a lot of people that’s a question they never asked themselves. So who are you? Are you going to sit back and blame everyone else for this while throwing in the towel, or are you going to continue to put one foot in front of the other in order to provide for your family and loved ones that are around you?

Just remember, tough times never last but tough people do, and when this is all over, myself and the rest of the Gate House community will be here to serve you with all of your Real Estate related needs or questions regarding the market.

Be safe. Be well, and continue to move forward during these tough times.