Best Real Estate Experience

In fifteen years of owning property in Beacon I’ve worked with several Beacon realtors; working with Charlotte Guernsey at Gatehouse Realty was far and away the best experience I’ve had.  Charlotte’s knowledge of Beacon real estate and the buying/selling process is superior. She priced my building correctly, responded immediately to calls and emails, and was helpful in ways I wouldn’t have expected.  I highly recommend Charlotte and her firm.

-LuRaye Tate

Sold in 6 Days for Higher than Asking Price

Me and my siblings had to sell my parent’s house in Beacon. We called Charlotte to come over and give us an appraisal. She came over that day. The house was in need of repair and we were selling it ‘as is.’ We figured the appraisal would come in very low. To our surprise, it was much higher than we ever expected! She emailed me the detailed information the next day. We also had gotten another appraisal from a different realtor and his estimate was $120,000 LESS than what Charlotte had given us. We, obviously, chose Charlotte to sell the house and I couldn’t have been happier working with her and her team. Most of our communication was through emails. For me, it was very convenient. She responded very quickly to questions and she gave me progress reports along the way. There were two very interested buyers. To our delight, the house sold in 6 days for $47,000 MORE than asking price, cash buyer, no contingencies! Hands down, we would highly recommend Charlotte and her team as the real estate agency that can get a house sold. I would not hesitate to work with Gate House Realty again in the future. Thank you Charlotte for an incredible house selling experience!

-Brenda Sramek