Beacon’s Best Coffeeshops and Cafes

This cold weather has us with one thing on our minds… Hot Coffee! And lucky for us, Beacon takes its coffee as seriously as it does its art and music. We have four beautiful, full-service coffee bars, each touting fresh, in-house roasted beans, sprinkled right along Main Street in the heart of the city. Here is a highlight of some of our favorite spots in town, so your hands always have something to keep them warm while you get your holiday shopping done.

Bank Square Coffeehouse serves a variety of hot and cold drinks from coffee and tea to wine and beer.

Bank Square Coffeehouse

One of the first establishments you’ll hit fresh off the Metro-North is Bank Square. With its large, colorful building mural, and beautiful, tree-shaded outdoor patio, it is an unmistakably inviting starting point to a cool walk down Main. While it is a city secret that Bank Square has the best chai latte in town, it is No secret that its drinks are all incredibly high quality, delicious, local fare. The frequent quick-moving line at Bank Square provides any newcomer that important, very necessary moment of determining whether they actually do feel like a coffee after all, or if they’d rather a beer- because Bank Square offers both! With up to nine taps of local brews, wine smoothies and pitchers of dangerously tasty sangria, Bank Square is often meant to be a starting point, but ends up being the destination! Pick up one of the complementary acoustic guitars in the lounge or catch some live music on the patio, cozied up beside the chiminea.

Trax Espresso Bar & Coffee Roasters

One of Beacon’s newest spots, developed and launched by the owners of Bank Square, caps off the other end of Main Street, tucked in the striking, newly renovated One East Main building. Trax is set in the perfect spot to sit outside or in and catch your breath just steps from Main Street. With snacks and light fare, as well as a couple of taps of delicious beer (including Juice Bombs from the newly opened local Sloop Brewery), Trax is a more quiet, quaint version of Bank Square, with coffee that some argue is even better than its brethren. Decide for yourself next time you’re in town!

Trax Espresso Bar and Coffee Roasters, a sister cafe to Bank Square.

Big Mouth Coffee Roasters

Right in the center of Main Street, in a single-story row of small local businesses is Big Mouth Coffee Roasters, Beacon’s newest, freshest coffee spot. With its open floor plan, exposed roasting room, and simple menu of finely tuned espresso drinks, Big Mouth is just the spot for a no-frills, artisanal quality beverage. We especially love their oat milk vanilla latte- as Big Mouth was the
first place in town to offer oat milk! Big Mouth has a number of in-house roasted coffee available in bulk bins to take as much or as little as you’d like. Stop in for a drink along your stroll, and enjoy a seat right at the window bar to watch passersby.

Big Mouth Coffee Roasters, a new coffee shop neighboring Towne Crier Cafe, Drink More Good, and Oak Vino Wine Bar.

Ella’s Bellas

Ella’s Bellas is arguably this city’s favorite place to get some work done. While Ella’s no longer roasts its own coffee, its incredible full line of in-house baked completely gluten-free breads, pastries and cupcakes make up for that. Ella’s offers a full espresso bar menu as well as hearty drip coffee, and with large, beautiful farmhouse tables, an exquisite bakery smell, and good light, (as well
as a gorgeous back patio), Ella’s is the perfect beautiful spot to spend an entire, productive day. Feeling especially cool? Ella’s has hot quiches, and cold margaritas- so, whatever your choice of heating practice, they’ve got you covered.

Ella’s Bellas gluten-free bakery and cafe

Beer & Bread


If you ask the kind folks in Beacon what makes life here so good, you will likely get myriad answers including our beautiful mountain, the stunning daily sunsets, the art, the music, the culture, the natural beauty… and all of those things are true. But all of those things are undoubtedly made better by Beacon’s pride and joy: the Pride being its Bread, and the Joy being its Beer.

The Hudson Valley is a mecca for imbibing and indulging, with acres of lush, fertile vineyard and farmland, and is back on track to being one of the most leading producers of hops in the country. If bread, or its liquid counterpart, is something that strikes your fancy, read on to discover just some of your many local, artisanal choices located right in Beacon.

First, the Bread:

Beacon Pantry

Beacon Pantry makes the #1 best baguette we’ve ever tasted. When you begin your walk down Main St, toss one in your backpack- it’ll serve you well into the night, or even as a snack on your train ride home.

Ella’s Bellas

Locally famous gluten-free bakery. Gluten-free, yes, but also everyone’s favorite bakery… Ella’s Bellas is pushing the envelope providing absolutely stunning gluten-free bread, every day. Stop in when you’re visiting, there is bound to be something in there you didn’t even realize you needed!

Beacon Bread Company

BBC can’t be beaten for breakfast, and offers a full line of in-house loaves of bread, hearth fired, including special pastries, challah, and brioche buns.

All You Knead

Try the croissants, cheese puffs, bialys, and cranberry bread. All You Knead is a little hole in the wall shop with an old-fashioned bakery look and style. Don’t miss the homemade pretzels!

Now, the Beer!

2Way Brewery

2Way Brewery has a full line of high quality, delicious beers, all made in-house. Get yourself a full flight, and a board game, and enjoy the sunset from their outdoor seating just a short walk from the train.

Hudson Valley Brewery

One of Beacon’s most up and coming businesses, HVB is always bustling- especially on can release days! Hudson Valley Brewery brews exclusively sour beers that are pungent with fruit flavors and brightly colored. They are absolutely not to be missed!

Newburgh Brewery

Just over the river, the Newburgh Brewery has taken over an incredible old factory space and renovated it to a gorgeous spot to hang and enjoy one of their many in-house brews. They are high caliber, with a broad range of flavors and types. Worth a visit!

Sloop Brewery

The ever-popular Sloop Brewery has just opened a second location in Fishkill, just minutes from Beacon. It touts wood-fired pizza and burgers, as well as a full twenty taps, and their new and improved “Juice Bombs”. As if this didn’t already sound good enough, the Bomb Shelter also hosts an entire arcade… with all games free to play.

Dog Friendly Beacon


It is no secret that the Hudson Valley is a wonderland of a place to be a dog, and Beacon has become a particularly sweet spot for dogs and their humans, especially on a day trip up from the city. Visitors are even encouraged to take their well-behaved dog along for a ride on the Metro-North, a little known but very useful fact.

Long Dock Park, a dog-friendly waterfront park in Beacon, New York

Some of our favorite places to take our dogs are not only fun for them but are a great excuse to take in incredible views and tremendous hikes. Here is a highlight of some of our favorite dog-friendly nature escapes, and some spots on Main Street that are particularly welcoming of dogs:

Madam Brett Park & Waterfall

Located on Tioronda Ave, you have your choice of an easy, flat surfaced walking trail through marshlands, historic dilapidated factory buildings, and beautiful trees, or, a challenging traversal of Brett’s handsome waterfall and the antiquated physical structures that adorn it. There’s something for everyone and every dog.

Mt. Beacon

View of the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge from Mount Beacon, a great, dog-friendly hike.

Mt. Beacon is just the right level of difficulty and length to check off your list before you head into town for dinner. With wide switchback trails and a big, expansive vantage point at its summit, Mt. Beacon is just the place for both you and your dog to feel pretty good about yourselves and share a water while you take in the outstanding full view of the Hudson and its bridges.

A dog enjoying the hike up Mount Beacon

Denning’s Point

Denning’s Point, tucked just South of the Metro-North and the Dia, is a lush peninsula that touts a new handicap accessible trail, as well as a vast stretch of Hudson River beach-like coastland. Dennings Point also serves as a protected bald eagle habitat in the winter months… Get there before it closes for the season!

Long Dock Park

Newly-renovated docks at Long Dock Park in Beacon.

Long Dock Park is the quintessential example of the growth happening in Beacon, and a celebration of the convergence of structural integrity and natural beauty- two things that Beacon has developed a reputation for. There is just so much there to enjoy… from the Fjord Trail (that stretches all the way to Denning’s Point!) to the tiny beaches adorned with lush trees, to the green spaces, to the dock, to the rentable kayaks, Long Dock is one of our absolute favorite places in the whole city.

Long Dock Park is a great dog-friendly place to go.

As far as dogs are concerned, not only are there secluded spots to swim, but Mt. Top Outfitters has said that whether you rent a kayak or a paddleboard, your furry best friend is welcome to go along for the ride!

Lambs Hill

With its Trailhead on the edge of town, and tucked atop quiet Sunnyside Road, the Lambs Hill hike is desirable because it is a bit quieter than the very popular Mt. Beacon trailway. With lots of rocks and streams to explore and a manageably challenging bit of hiking and climbing, Lambs Hill is a no-frills, all-fun, good time hike for man & beast. Bring extra water!

Rite Aid

Once back on Main Street, if you are leashed up and need to use the bathroom, grab a quick drink or snack, or even a bandaid – Rite Aid will welcome you and your best friend in, no need to tie anyone outside. This is an essential tip for dog lovers in town, and can be a game changer in a jam!

Baja 328

Colorful Margaritas at Baja 328 on Main Street in Beacon

With convenient outdoor seating right on Main Street, your dog is welcome to sit right underneath your table while you enjoy food and drink. They even have a water bowl for your pal! They are kind and won’t roll their eyes at you for asking to keep your friend next to you. Our kind of place.

2Way Brewing Company

On your walk back to the train, pop over to 2Way Brewery. It’s got a large amount of outdoor seating, an unobstructed view of the sunset, and welcomes your dog to sit with you while you kill time before your train playing one of the many board games they offer, and drinking one of their absolutely unmatched, delicious beers- made right on the premises. Don’t forget to order popcorn! It’s free, and your dog likes it, too 🙂

Sunset at Long Dock Park in Beacon

Have you been thinking about adopting a dog? Check out Animal Rescue Foundation right here in town, located less than a mile from Main Street. Beacon’s backyards look even better with a furry friend to enjoy them.

Wonderful, Walkable Beacon

It is no secret that one of the best parts about living in Beacon, New York is its accessibility. With all of its main industries thoughtfully and intentionally located right on Main Street, Beacon is the perfect landing spot for anyone who either doesn’t have a car or doesn’t want one.

 Exterior Photo of Trax Coffee Roasters in Beacon, New York.  One East Main Street, a former factory building in Beacon, New York that was recently converted into residential and commercial condos.

Explore the Hudson Valley

One of Beacon’s newest, most conveniently located residential and commercial sites is One East Main: a collection of gorgeously renovated condominiums tucked above such Main Street favorites as Trax Coffee Roasters, Lamb’s Hill Bridal Boutique, King & Curated, and SallyeAnder Soaps, and directly beside the beautiful Roundhouse restaurant & hotel, every one a Beacon-based business.


Interior Photo of King and Curated, a jewelry and gifts shop in Beacon, New York.

   Interior photo of Lambs Hill Bridal Boutique in Beacon, New York.

From One East Main, all of Beacon’s most desirable points of interest (including Mt. Beacon, the Dia museum, Long Dock Park, Post Office, banks, and all of the restaurants and shops on Main) lie within a mile, making it an essential, centrally located hub of both foot and automotive traffic. In addition, the large, sunlit windows of the commercial spaces in One East Main draw in tourists and visitors who are shopping the length of Main Street, grabbing lunch nearby at local favorite Beacon Falls Cafe, or visiting the nearby waterfall.

Planning a trip to Beacon?

Surely there is nothing more comfortable, convenient or calm than taking the weekend off from traffic! Beacon is just the place to park both your car and your worries for the weekend. The next time you find yourself on Main Street, begin your journey in Beacon’s East End by leaving your car (or asking your Uber driver to drop you) at the Falls. As you walk West on one side of the street and back East on the other, you will note no shortage of incredible shops. From salons and barbers, galleries, restaurants, clothing shops (both of the thrift and boutique varieties), our local library, post office, natural market and grocery store, to green spaces, artisanal liquors and wines, breads, candies, candles and soaps, there is simply nothing you can’t find here.

You may just find yourself with hands full of bags by the end of your walk, and the likelihood is you’ll have filled your belly, too, so, if you do feel a bit too tired to walk the short but abundant length of Main, Beacon now offers a free local shuttle bus (the Beacon Loop) to get you right back where you began… with a cool cocktail at Melzingah Taphouse before you pack the car. Because, after all, the only thing better than walking all day is sitting down at the end!

Renovated Loft covered in New York Spaces

New York Spaces, “The Home Design Magazine of Metropolitan New York,” features one of the lofts we sold at 11 Creek Drive. One of our favorite developers created these lofts in the shell of a 19th-century silk factory. It now features gorgeous art-deco styling, and functions as both home and gathering space. Check out the article for more details and photos:

1 East Main Street: Start to Finish

1 east main pre renovation 2012-10-11_17-26-49_841
1 East Main outside renovated


1 East Main abandoned graffiti 1 east main outside boarded up 1 east main original condition

1 East Main Street has been one of the most exciting projects I’ve been involved with in Beacon.  Since opening my office in 2001, this massive 30,000 sq. ft., 4 story factory building has been sitting across from me at the corner of East Main and Main waiting for transformation.  This diamond in the rough, with handsome architectural details like huge windows and massive beams and perfectly central location downtown made it prime for conversion… yet it sat for another 15 years.
1 East Main Street historical photo1 East Main historical photo parade history1 East Main historical photo train crash into building

1 East Main St. has a long history of factory uses, from electric blankets to baby carriages to everything in between.  It sits on the shores of the Fishkill Creek, which in the industrial-age powered three factory clusters downtown:  the Roundhouse, 1 East Main St. and Churchill St.  The original factory building on the East Main site was a cotton mill that dated all the way back to 1814.  In 1912, the Schrader Hat Company added the additional large brick building (now 1 East Main) to use for the nation’s most modern manufacturer of straw hats. Like many of these sites, it morphed over the years due to use, needs and destruction (it was hit by a train!)

In 2002, on the verge of Dia opening, Beacon was hopping and the entire block from 1 East Main to Churchill Street was bought by a developer.  Even though the building was still a functioning countertop factory up until the sale, the appearance of the building was shabby and abandoned looking with a mixture of broken and boarded up windows.  The developer had lofty ideas but nothing happened and the building sat.

1 East Main Street before

For years to follow, whenever I would walk by the building with clients they would always say “Wow, what a cool building!  Someone should do something with it.”  I would sigh to myself… “I know…”

Finally around 2013, the owner (who by then had become a client) had decided it was time to sell.  These large sales can be very complicated with all kinds of contingencies like financing, environmental and use approvals.  Often they take years to close and this was no exception.  We had several developers looking and considering but in the end McAlpine, who I had previously brokered the deal together for on the Roundhouse campus across the street, won out. Over two years later, it finally closed.

Having a beat on where the market is going and what people are looking for and willing to pay, is how I bring value as a real estate broker to my developer clients.  I worked with the developer on the plans and pricing of the new units which ended up being a mix of 19 residential and 4 commercial condos.  As soon as the offering plan was approved, we began selling the units pre-construction.

1 East Main Retail Lambs Hill Bridal Boutique IMG_8649

As expected, the project was hot!  We sold all 19 residential condos and 3 out of 4 commercial condos before any of the residential COs were issued.

DSC_0061 1 East Main condo porch1 East Main finished 7 1 east Main condo porch outside 1 east main condo window

Now the building looks gorgeous and is full of life again.  I’m thrilled and proud to have been involved in this project, and happy to be bringing prosperity to Beacon.


The black and white historical images have been sourced from “Images of America: Historic Beacon” and “Images of America: Beacon Revisited,” by Robert J. Murphy & Denise Doring VanBuren.



Best Real Estate Experience

In fifteen years of owning property in Beacon I’ve worked with several Beacon realtors; working with Charlotte Guernsey at Gatehouse Realty was far and away the best experience I’ve had.  Charlotte’s knowledge of Beacon real estate and the buying/selling process is superior. She priced my building correctly, responded immediately to calls and emails, and was helpful in ways I wouldn’t have expected.  I highly recommend Charlotte and her firm.

-LuRaye Tate

Sold in 6 Days for Higher than Asking Price

Me and my siblings had to sell my parent’s house in Beacon. We called Charlotte to come over and give us an appraisal. She came over that day. The house was in need of repair and we were selling it ‘as is.’ We figured the appraisal would come in very low. To our surprise, it was much higher than we ever expected! She emailed me the detailed information the next day. We also had gotten another appraisal from a different realtor and his estimate was $120,000 LESS than what Charlotte had given us. We, obviously, chose Charlotte to sell the house and I couldn’t have been happier working with her and her team. Most of our communication was through emails. For me, it was very convenient. She responded very quickly to questions and she gave me progress reports along the way. There were two very interested buyers. To our delight, the house sold in 6 days for $47,000 MORE than asking price, cash buyer, no contingencies! Hands down, we would highly recommend Charlotte and her team as the real estate agency that can get a house sold. I would not hesitate to work with Gate House Realty again in the future. Thank you Charlotte for an incredible house selling experience!

-Brenda Sramek