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Charlotte Guernsey

Charlotte Guernsey
Principal Broker

Charlotte grew up in nearby Garrison before enrolling at Rhode Island School of Design to study fine art. She returned to the Hudson Valley to pursue her passions of real estate, painting and horse riding. Charlotte’s background in classical art history and design allows her to visualize spaces and sell the potential that many other people fail to see.

Founded in 2001, Gate House was a quick success fueled by Charlotte’s drive and the overall energy of her belief in the potential of Beacon. Selling buildings on Main St. gave way to meeting developers, which led to selling some of the largest, most prominent properties in Beacon (Roundhouse, 1 East Main, Churchill St.) Not only did Charlotte sell all of the converted development in these sites, but she advised these clients on how these properties should be redeveloped both for the prosperity of the developer and the city of Beacon.

Charlotte is a mother of two, is the owner of Lambs Hill Bridal Boutique and Venue, and is married to Dennis Vetrano, who is, ironically, a divorce attorney.